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Do You Have an ABOUT Page on Your Blog?

Do you have an about page on your blog? If no, please consider the following reasons to put on after you read this quick post.

1. Folks can read your ABOUT page and connect with you and other blog authors listed.

2. It adds credibility to the material you are writing.

3. It helps to […]

Earth Day- Celebrate by Posting on Your Blogs and Making Comments

Earth day is a day for celebrations. Many bloggers will be making posts today. So, my suggestion is to got to Google the keyword, “Earth Day”. Find blogs posts that you agree with and post a comment.Better yet, go again to Goggle and key in “blog search”. Then you will see the option to search […]

Article Writing-Are You Doing it Yet?

I have found that one of the best, I mean very best ways to drive more traffic to your blogs is to write articles. Now, I know somebody who is a true genius at do this. Many of you know him also. His name is Jeff Herring. He has some great templates, tutorials, teleseminars and […]

Audio Comments on a Blog???

Have you ever considered doing an audio comment in response to a blog post? Of course the blog owner has to approve it but it is something different consider. Check out this comment by Blogging Betty Boomer. I approved it only after listening to it first. The site she is referring to is here.