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A Journalist Unplugged-Beverly Mahone’s Blog Birth Story

My very first blog post went “live” in cyberspace in August of 2006. I wrote a piece called “Marriage: The Second Time Around.” I had just returned from a fabulous honeymoon to St. Lucia with my new husband Nate. It was also a self-promotional effort for my newly released book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey […]

Seeds Of Success Grow Out of Adversity-Rita Morgan Shares Her Blog Birth Story

It started in 2000; my life as I had known it changed.

My father, the biggest cheerleader in my life passed away after suffering from a malignant brain tumor. A few months later, I was returning home from Australia and got caught up in the wake of the 9/11 disaster. I sat on an airplane […]

How Kevin Thompson, AKA Humorous Harry Gave Birth To His First Blog

How Martin Diano Gave Birth To His Blog

The Birth of Dianosphere– A Labor of Love

by Martin Diano

I can recall vividly the birth of my first blog. I decided to spend three months during the summer of 2007 in Greenville NY, where my wife, Annette, and I have a second home so we can be closer to our grandson. Annette, who […]

How Betty Lynch Gave Birth To Her First Blog

Have you ever thought, “I’m in way over my head?” I knew I had to have a website for my business. I thought to myself, how hard can this be? Surely I can build a website. I tried several different places to build a website for My Country Kitchen. I worked for hours upon hours […]

How Kathie Thomas Gave Birth To Her First Blog

I was asked to investigate blogging for a client early 2005 but I didn’t really understand what it was about. So I set up my first blog at Blogger for my VA business to explore it. I had to put in a calendar reminder weekly to force myself to do it and I often had […]

How Joyce Mason Gave Birth To Her First Blog

A literary agent, the guest speaker at my local Sisters in Crime meeting in September 2007, encouraged me to blog. She suggested it as a way to begin to gain audience for my writing, while I completed my book. Now it’s done, and as I work on getting it published, I discovered in the last […]