Category: Blogging Stressors

  • Check Your Blog Theme In Different Browsers

    Be sure to check your blog theme in different browsers. I just started a new site called Baby Boomers Bustin Loose. Whereas, it works just fine in FireFox, and it was working well in Internet Explorer. But now Internet Explorer does not show my sidebars. Oh Boomer! So, I will track back and see what […]

  • Help! Hacked and Held Hostage

    One of our favorate and most popular sites was hacked and now we feel like we are held hostage. We are holding some good stuff that cannot be shared right now. I believe everyone reading this feels the same way about their sites. Even if you are the hacker who did the crime. What did […]

  • Is Blogging Stressful For Boomers?

    Is posting to your blog, keeping up with blogging communities, changing themes, checking stats, etc causing stress for you as a boomer? We would like to know what you think.