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  • Are You Using ‘ADMIN’ as Your User Name? If Yes “Danger, Danger Will Robinson”

      If you are still using ‘admin’ as your user name in your blog login then imagine that robot from the TV series Lost in Space warning you of danger. Now your name may not be Will Robinson (The young boy in the series) but imagine that you hear that robot calling your name. I […]

  • Do You Mean To Say That Your Personal Info is Sold Online? How Do You Get Rid of it?

    I remember the year that I was scheduled to have a rather invasive,yet common surgical procedure. So, in my search for information I joined a group of women who already had the surgery or were preparing for the procedure. This online group requested your date of surgery, name etc. The networking was great and information […]

  • 25 Free Downloads That Are Safe And Easy To Use

    Check out the 25 FREE downloads from music to audio editing.

  • Help! Hacked and Held Hostage

    One of our favorate and most popular sites was hacked and now we feel like we are held hostage. We are holding some good stuff that cannot be shared right now. I believe everyone reading this feels the same way about their sites. Even if you are the hacker who did the crime. What did […]

  • Splogs, Spam, Spings, Scraper Sites and Sanity

    Splogs  and scraper sites are places that I have too often found my articles and posts  with intrusive links and ads. Today I found out what they were and what can be done about them. So below are several definitions  of splogs, spam, scaper sites and some posts from bloggers that may help you keep your […]

  • Spam: Where it Came From, and How to Escape It

    By: Beka Ruse In 1936, long before the rise of the personal computer, Hormel Foods created SPAM. In 2002, the company will produce it’s six billionth can of the processed food product. But that mark was passed long ago in the world of Internet spam. * Who Cooked This!? (How did it all start?) * […]

  • Boomers-Protect Yourself Online-Part 3

    It does not matter how safe some of the blogging software may be many boomers are still wary of doing anything on the internet. A recent article in Consumer Reports for September, 2007 shared 19 ways to stay safe online. I am going to share seven(7) of those points with you.  1.  Make sure the […]

  • Boomers-Protect Yourself Online-Part 2

    Just in case you did not see this comment I decided to repeat it as a post. I am hoping to get more stuff from experts like the Digital Defender. So security experts if you are out there, and I know you are, please send me articles to post with clear language us boomers can […]

  • Boomers-Protect Yourself Online-Pt.1

    It is true there are some real sneaky scams online. It is the fear many of us as Boomers have when it comes to the internet. Nevertheless, we can protect ourselves. This month’s issue of Consumer Reports gave a great overview of some common swindles and some prevention tips. I will share part of them […]