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  • Help My Arm Hurts From Blogging?

    My arm is hurting but is it from blogging? Actually, because I should have frequent flyer miles from physical therapy I suspect the pain is from, once again, poor egonomics. Yes, I have been blogging, ebaying, working for the job, research,etc from the work station called the TV tray and laptop. A place without arm […]

  • Sensational Low Cost and Free Graphic Editing Software

    Did you know there was low cost and free graphic editing software that can resize photos, touch up photos and create pdf files, PLUS MORE? Well, I visited Heidi Caswell’s blog and had to post this just to have a place to come back and find it! Get this unbelievable software review NOW!

  • Before You Update Your Blog

    A new version of WordPress is coming out. However before you update consider checking to see if your theme, host and plugins are going to work with the new version. Here is an excellent post about that issue. If you are not the person doing the update then be sure to share this with your […]

  • A Glossary of Web Content-Terms All Writers Should Know

    This is an article by David Stockwell. Thought it would be useful to view some of the different definitions related to web content. Before launching into any enterprise, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the terms used in the field. For any producer of content, there are also legal and social issues […]

  • Technology and YOU

    Technology and you is the topic of a powerful full day conference sponsored by the New Jersey Chapter of National Speakers Association. If you want to hear some national speakers give you thousands of dollars worth of information for an unbelievable low investment come to New Jersey on May, 9, 2008. I am doing a […]

  • Virtual Assistants Can Save You Time When They Know This Shopping Cart

    I am currently using a great shopping cart and took a class several months ago to learn more. It was a class for Virtual Assistants. I think they are one of the best keep secrets around and felt honored to be online learning from a webinar with such great professionals. I am not currently using […]

  • So You Want To Learn More About Website Code and Stuff for Mac or PC?

    Websites, blog sites, all sites need code! Now you do not have to be a webmaster to learn some key things related to creating a website. Or, did you know that if you wanted to customize a blog theme or check out that funny looking stuff behind the scene of your blog or website you […]

  • Toolie Makes Technology Easy and Will Save You Time!

    I interviewed Toolie today about her free webinars and wanted you to hear about her invaluable service for baby boomer bloggers directly from her own mouth.

  • Toolie’s Webinars: HTML with No Fear!

    Hang out with us on Toolies, Free webinar series. They are only 30 mins. and you see everything  that she is talking about. She holds your hand and takes you step by step. So say hello on Wednesday, March, 5, 2008 You have a choice of times to attend: 12 Noon Pacific / 3 pm […]

  • Learn HTML in 6 Weeks!-Free Webinar by Toolie

    Learn html in 6 weeks with a free webinar offered by Toolie. I have written about Toolie’s free webinars in the past on this blog. I only repeat it because I am learning so much and want to pass it on.  These sessions are only 30 mins. and you are able to view every thing […]