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  • Before You Update Your Blog

    A new version of WordPress is coming out. However before you update consider checking to see if your theme, host and plugins are going to work with the new version. Here is an excellent post about that issue. If you are not the person doing the update then be sure to share this with your […]

  • Two WordPress Plugins Suggested by

    The radical blogger, a long time blogger with insightful information and interesting commentaries, has recommended two very useful wordpress plugins for those of you using wordpress as your blogging platform. So go check it out right here. There is also a lot of blogging “how to” information here. There is a lot to learn from […]

  • Lets Chat About Plug-ins

    There are a lot of blog plugins for wordpress software. What is a plugin? Well I am glad you asked. WordPress has the following definition: Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. In other word it is a hemy engine in a car, a St. John’s suit for a woman, a designer suit […]