Turn Your RSS Feeds into Emails? Duh? What’s RSS?

Can you turn your RSS feeds into emails? Ok, first let’s get past that funny term called RSS which means Real Simple Syndication and not Real Safe Soups.

A really good tutorial on RSS

Here is a tutorial I found on RSS that might help those of you who may not be comfortable with it yet. Click this link for a good explanation of RSS.

Also, check out older posts on this site on RSS. Here is a vintage post on RSS.

And finally, check out the video below on how to move your RSS into emails.

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications

I Just Added PressPush Plugin to my Blog Which Adds PubSubHubBub -it’s no Push Over

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Thanks to an excellent post by a fellow blogger Jeanne Kolanda in the blog challenge and another blogger Kevin Thompson I just installed a new plugin called PressPush.  Read Jeanne’s excellent post right here.

According to the brief description of the plugin before you install it on your blog it says:

This plugin adds PubSubHubbub ( PuSH ) support to your WordPress powered site. The main difference between this plugin and others is that it includes the hub features of PuSH, built right in. This means the updates will be sent directly from WordPress to your PuSH subscribers.

But  this baby boomer needed  to know more…

I read one post that I needed to revisit and dissect one sentence at a time.  Here is what I understood: It makes your RSS feeds connect very FAST via a hub. And it is open source and FREE.  It reminds me of my younger days, before cell phones, living in the projects. We would yell to the window and the person would hear our call and come to the window to let us know we were heard. It all happened in real time. No connections to a cell tower.

So, here is video on YouTube that explains it pretty nicely.

Are You Using Feedburner Email Opt-in on Your Sites?

Are you using Feedburner for your RSS email opt in form? I have it on several sites but tonight realized I did not have that opt-in on all my sites. So I am in process.

I like Feedburner because it provides an easy email optin form that helps folks get your feeds when  they are not sure how to do it with a reader.

Feedburner is powerful and I encourage you to spend time looking at all the cool features. Now, if you set up a Feedburner account a while ago and have not returned you need to go back. Feedburner was purchased by Google and you MUST have a Google account.

Ok, I am off to place a feed on at least one site before I go to bed.

PS, if you are reading this and plan to come back, pop that email into the sidebar. You will be asked to fill out that hard to read complex code to insure that you are not a robot.

RSS Review

My dear hubby set me up on Netvibes. Ok, allow me to stop right now and tell you that this is a wonderful tool for organizing your EVERYTHING (except passwords) online via RSS feeds. That means you can work your Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc all from one interface. Thanks Ray Horner!
But that made me go deep into the archives of this site and start pulling out posts on RSS.

Now please know that I already knew about Netvibes but had not taken the time to reduce my time by setting it up. Has that ever happened to you?

So allow me to go down memory lane and share with you an interview with one of the most dynamic Blogging Divas I know, Cathy Perkins.

RSS is Spam Free

RSS is your own channel. It enhances your relationship with  a client. As your stuff gets updated your client;s stuff gets updated instantly!  I am listening to a FREE online tutorial on Podcasts by the great folks at Baby Boomer Audio.

RSS increases your visibility. Here is a great definition of Podcasts by ABC News.

What Is RSS?

Depending on who you ask, RSS stands for either “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication.” But no matter what it’s called, RSS is a new way to publish information online.

At the heart of the technology is special Web coding, called XML, that has been widely developed by the global online community over the past few years.

The XML code for RSS describes a new type of Web information called a “news feed.” Essentially, the feeds can contain a summary and links of the new content on a Web site or anything else a creator desires to share. A company may publish an RSS feed that contains news of its latest products, for example.

Anyone — an online surfer or another Web site — can pick up the RSS codes and with the appropriate Web software display the information automatically.

The concept is similar to how a newswire service operates: Information published by one news organization can be “syndicated” — picked up and displayed — by any other news organization.

So, the instructor during this 90 min call takes you step by step doing and producing a podcast with this easy audio service.  Honestly, the service is called Audio Acrobat but my affiliate to it is  Baby Boomer Audio.

The instructor also mentions that Google is very sensitive to RSS feeds. He also reviews some critical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) points related to RSS feeds.  You know, great stuff on keywords, etc.

Now, I have heard this training before but today I am listening to refresh and motivate me.

Launching New Podcast Series

I am launching a new podcast series called “Baby Boomers Bustin Loose”

So this comprehensive yet simple training session is just what the doctor ordered. I have so many questions

I didn’t have before.

So, if you get a chance go on over and give Baby Boomer Audio a try.

And yes if you click subscribe to the 30 day free trial and like and sign up for the service I get a commission. But I can honestly tell you that even if you only stay on for the trial you will gain such great value PLUS the free training.

Beta Test Sprout.com

Sprout is a brand new site for RSS feeds. It seems that they will be intuitive based on your needs. At any rate here is the white paper that tells you all about it.

Note that it is a pdf document.

Also, they have a blog so keep your eyes on the posts to learn more. If you are still wondering about RSS feeds click on the RSS category on this site. It includes an audio post with Cathy Perkins. If you would like me to interview you about RSS and add to this content let me know. Or you can post your own audio without an interview at your leisure. I can give you the phone number and you can talk away.


Blogrovr  save you time. Just like a good dog RovR fetches posts from your favorite blogs about anything you’re browsing, and shows you summaries. You can open read posts without leaving the web page you were on. Blogrovr will also suggest popular items. You can download blogrovr directly if you are on the firefox browser. Of course it does lots more.

Bottom line is if you have subscribed to lots of other blogs this will help you keep up and read the posts that are relevant.

Many of you, I know, are on Explorer and I may be wrong but I think you need a firefox browser installed for it to work. I personally think everyone should have Firefox installed. Just don’t think it is healthy to have only one browser.

So do check it out and I welcome comments from some seasoned blogging boomers out there to share their experiences.  In all honesty I have it installed and only put 4 blogs into the feeder. But Ray on the other hand has trained that puppy to fetch all his blogs. Every time I go onto his computer the dog is barking and showing his excitement about the new posts that have been generated since he was gone.

So join me in checking it out and going deeper.


Blog Basics: Easy To Understand RSS

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly updated web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. It
’s the easiest way for users to get a the latest content from all their favorite websites and blogs all in one place.
I found this post and site to have really easy to understand information. I wanted to share this post with readers about RSS feeds.

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