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  • Twitter Countdown-How Many Blogging Boomers Are On Twitter?

    A fellow blogging boomer of mine debated on the number of baby boomers that might be on Twitter. He said 300,000 or is it only 3,000? Many of us may not tell our age. But if you are a blogging boomer on Twitter please share your Twitter Id as a comment in this post. We […]

  • Twitter Article in Wall Street Journal

    Here is an article about Twitter that was in the Wall Street Journal Today. Birds of a Feather Twitter Together Social-Networking Service Connects Followers, Not Friends, on PCs and Mobile Phones ·         By KATHERINE BOEHRET   If you’ve heard of Twitter but don’t exactly know what it is or how it works, you’re in good company. […]

  • Pownce vs Twitter

    Pownce???, what is it? How does it compare to Twitter? Pownce is a micro-blogging site. It just opened to the public in January, 2008. Because I love ABOUT pages I am posting the ABOUT page below. About Pownce Pownce is a way to send stuff to your friends. What kind of stuff? You can send […]

  • What is Micro-blogging?

    We are talking so much about Twitter  these days. Yet, I thought it would be helpful to stop and define this form of blogging called micro-blogging. I will be posting about a few other micro-blogging sites in the next couple of days. So, here is a quick easy definition of microblogging from good old Wikepedia: Micro-blogging […]

  • You Can Add Video and Pictures To Your Twitter

    Yes you can add video and music to your Twitter Tweets. How awesome is that? Here is a really fresh post from Problogger I just saw in a Tweet. Read and reference it if you are not ready to do it.

  • Twitter Talk-Retweeting

    Here is a great post explaining a Retweet and how to do it on Twitter. I ALSO Read this excellent article on the impact of doing a simple thing like retweets in viral communication in our businesses and organizations. Please note that I am going to start doing RETWEETS! IF, you want to join me […]

  • Are Some Non-Profits Using Twitter for Fund Raising?

    Many non-profits are seeing the merit of using Twitter, this powerful micro-blogging social media site, for fundraising. This blogger and fundraising coach provides a great blog post on Twitter and Fund Raising.

  • Examples of How Some Non-Profits Use Twitter

    I like the following post because it gives you some great examples of how Twitter is being used by many non-profits. As a baby boomer I thrive of experiance-based technology applications. Ok, what I mean is show me someone who is using it and then I believe you. So, in my continuing look into many […]

  • Twitter and Non-Profits-Are Baby Boomers Involved?

    Many baby boomers are involved in non-profits. Many baby boomers are also exploring Twitter. That means baby boomers are exploring the huge possibilites for social networking to help promote their “difference Making Messages.” I say yes. Read this excellent post on Twitter and Non-profits. Share your experiances with non-profits and Twitter.

  • My Twitter Stamp-TwitStamp

    Here is my Twitter Stamp. Go to Twitstamp This is so cool. You just key in your Twitter Id, after you make a Twitter post. Then customize or select your stamp design. Grab the html after you CLICK on the option you want.Post it on your site. Try it. It is really called Twit stamp […]