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Simple Yet Powerful Twitter Tips for Twitterland And Your Twitter Town

Hello My Little Twitter Town-How Are You Today?

I am still learning each time I read a Tweet on Twitter or make a mistake. Yet, there are bloggers like Problogger who has mastered some great Twitter techniques. For example, I attempt to post things that folks that follow me might want to […]

Twitter Connection-@karlyn

Yes, I am connecting to a graphic artist, web master, affiliate marketer, photographer and baby boomer diva!

So, if you are not already following this super woman who loves her puppy, do so soon. Her name is Karlyn

And if you just click on the her Twitter handle you can follow her in a couple […]

My Baby Boomer Twitter Connections-@MarcMiddleton

Today I took a good look at Marc Middleton, Founder of the awesome site Growing Bolder. Now why do I appreciate this Twitter connection? Ok, I am so glad you asked. I have 3 reasons listed below.

1. I adore his background because he is dancing. I think all baby boomers should dance, especially between […]