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  • My Baby Boomer Twitter Connections -@rebacollins

    Start Tweeting With My Twitter Baby Boomer Connections I am meeting so many great, genius and  “get  up and going folks” on Twitter.  So I decided this New Years Eve to chart some of my Twitter connections. I will post some of the great references and insights from Tweets and sites by those who I […]

  • Twitter Talk-Retweeting

    Here is a great post explaining a Retweet and how to do it on Twitter. I ALSO Read this excellent article on the impact of doing a simple thing like retweets in viral communication in our businesses and organizations. Please note that I am going to start doing RETWEETS! IF, you want to join me […]

  • My Twitter Stamp-TwitStamp

    Here is my Twitter Stamp. Go to Twitstamp This is so cool. You just key in your Twitter Id, after you make a Twitter post. Then customize or select your stamp design. Grab the html after you CLICK on the option you want.Post it on your site. Try it. It is really called Twit stamp […]

  • Twitter Talk is Tweet

    Twitter talk is tweet and is quickly becoming common for many of us boomer bloggers. As many of us venture into the Tweet Land we find that we are hearing words and phases that are foreign to our ears. I am trying to take a crash course so as I learn I will start sharing […]