Do You Already Know All There is to Know About WordPress and Blogging? Can A Baby Boomer Explore and Learn More?


Just when you though you had arrived in your blogging then you find that there is something more you need to know about WordPress and you get pulled back in. Well the fact of the matter is that we really never ever know all there is to know about blogging. At least that is my opinion.

That’s why I am going to sit in on some of this upcoming Web Camp by Armand Moran.

Now this training is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing to sit, get up, and sit again because it is for many hours over 3 days. That is why, although the training is free, if you want copies of the recordings that is where the price kicks in. Also, if you really like the training you can continue the learning by joining the monthly membership site.

But if your calender can be freed up for a couple of days and you have some great coffee, green tea or camomile you can hangout and refresh some points and learn other points. Also, if you are snowed in that will be the ultimate opportunity. So, think about coming to class again and Learn Boomer Learn.

Just click on the link below and find out more information.

FREE WordPress Blog Training

How to Add a Subscribe Box to Your Blog Using Feedburner

If you don’t already have a subscription option on your blog it is real easy to do it using Feedburner.

Why Have a Subscription option on your blog?

The cool thing about placing a subscription option on your blog is that everyone who enters their email address will automatically get notified in their emails.  This is real easy to do with Feedburner.

First you need to sign in with Feedburner. You will need a google account. A gmail email will work.

When in Feedburner visit the Tab that says Publicize.


Click on the ACTIVATE button at the bottom of the page.

Choose the option for TYPEPAD  and COPY the HTML CODE

PASTE the code into a TEXT WIDGET and place into the SIDEBAR OF YOUR BLOG

As soon as you do this please let me know the url so I can go and  put in my email to add to the many that will subscribe to your site.



Upgrade Your Blog With Your Own Domain Name

If you have a site your url will read  Now, if you want to create a url to put on a business card that is just tooooo long for someone to key into the browser. So you can upgrade your FREE site by just going to the UPGRADE tab.

There you will have several upgrade options if you pay for them. The one I am referring to is 14.97 if you host your domain with and 9.97 if you use a domain name you already have.

To illustrate this feature I just upgraded a site I have in called Rosies Blog Class. Now, the url is I purchased a domain from which is

So, if I am teaching a workshop or speaking to someone about blogging I can send them to and it will redirect to the site.

So, if you have a site on that you want to send folks to when you are not online, consider this handy upgrade.

PS Remember if you are hosting with and not self-hosting with a blog platform YOU MUST MANUALLY BACKUP YOUR SITE. Do not expect to do it for you. I strongly suggest that you maintain a folder on your hard drive with everything you post on your site.

If anyone has other solutions let me know.

Major Bugs In WordPress Version 8 Have Been Exterminated

I just read where some  of the major bugs in WordPress version 8 have been exterminated by the WordPress Pest Control. Well, not real bugs but those pesting errors that prevented folks like me from upgrading to the new version.

So, now it is safe to move to the new version using version 2.8.1. Since I am not a super expert in WordPress I will share an article with you that helped me to understand the type of bugs that were fixed.
His site seems very good so I hope to visit again.

Now, for those of you who have no clue to what I am talking about. Allow me to explain.

iIf you are using a WordPress self hosted blog platform you are given the option of upgrading to a new version. Now, there was a time that I found upgrading hard. I downloaded a plug in called wp-upgrade and that was a wonderful thing.

However, more recently, I have started using a really stupidly simple tool on my host called simplescripts. This script is just like the name it is simple. All I do now it go to the control panel of my host, and click on simple scripts and they prompt me to upgrade. They even give me the option to view my site after it is upgraded to see how it looks. If there is an issue it allows you to go back to the way it was.

Pay close attention to the instructions  to deactivate all your plugins before you upgrade. Do not take chances. If you want me to do a short video on this let me know.