Check Your Blog Theme In Different Browsers

Be sure to check your blog theme in different browsers. I just started a new site called Baby Boomers Bustin Loose. Whereas, it works just fine in FireFox, and it was working well in Internet Explorer. But now Internet Explorer does not show my sidebars. Oh Boomer!

So, I will track back and see what changes I made to the sider , ie. widgets, etc and undo them. If I cannot get it to work then I will put up a new theme. Oh Boomer!

So the moral of this tale is to warn you to check your site in more than one browser often. How do you know which browser is sending the most visiters?

Check your host statistics. For example, my host, shows traffic from the major browsers using Webalizer and Awstats. I know for example, that I get more traffic from Internet Explorer than Safari or FireFox. So, having my site look strange in Internet Explorer is not a good thing.

So, I just wanted to pass this on to my readers. Do you have any FREE or low cost browser checking software you can share with everyone?

6 thoughts on “Check Your Blog Theme In Different Browsers

  1. Reflecting on what you wrote, I suggest asking friends and loved ones to keep their eyes open for oddities with your website. People use all sorts of different browsers (especially different versions of Explorer), and if they don’t see something that they’re supposed to…or if the page is in some kind of bizarre shape…you want to know about it.

    I spent about an hour with a developer friend who could not understand why I could not see his page in my Windows Firefox browser. It turned out to the a stray “/” somewhere. Explorer didn’t mind the /, but Firefox didn’t like it.

    We’re all in this together with the ever-changing Internet world. I suggest including more companions as you ride that rushing technology river.

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