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Technorati is one of those blogging directories that has been around a very long time. You may not be in the directory but talk about your blog may show up as a “blog reaction”. You may see Technorati as a source when you get a Google Alert on your blog name.

Note: if you do not have a Google Alert on your blog name stop reading this and go to Google. Type in Google Alert and set your blog name as an alert. This way you will know if mention has been made about your site in the world wide web.
I claimed this site a lonnnnng time ago but recently noted that it is showing as unclaimed so I am doing the quick claim by including the code in this post. I suspect that the unclaimed status is due to a change in my password from the standard Admin, Admin which leaves your site wide open for hacking   so be sure to change that password if you are on the WordPress plateform.

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