Do You Have a Blog of Interest to or created by a Baby Boomer?

If you have a blog or know of a blog that might be of interest to baby boomers, please post it at

on the rosies boomer review site as a comment to the post requesting the links.

Note for new bloggers:

Please notice that I created a link directly to the post I wanted folks to look at.  In WordPress you can do this by going to the MANGAGE then POSTS.  Locate the post you have made in the past and click on VIEW.  Look at the top of the page at the browser line. It will have the exact url of the page.

Let me know if you need help using Blogger. Just respond to this post and probably someone else may also give support too. Also, for those of you on other platforms if you have questions you can put them on this site and someone out there will know or I will search for the answer.

Whenever you have an opportunity to promote your site ,in a network you are comfortable with, then take that opportunity. This is a great, I mean super way to get free promotion for your site or site you like. Links can be powerful stuff when it comes to the search engines. I guess we should talk about that a little more at some point. But if anyone out there wants to talk about it now please do.

Meanwhile do go over and provide a comment about the site you think will be of interest to baby boomers.

Now I know someone out there is saying suppose, just suppose someone suggests a site not fitting to the tastes of the blog author? That is a good point. What usually happens is that when you are the author of a blog and a comment comes in that you do not want to broadcast on your blog then you simple do not approve of it.

If the comment is spam you click on spam. Or you can delete it. It is , after all, your blog. If you wish you can send a note to the person letting them know that it did not fit the image you want to project with your site.

So once again go and promote the site you think would be of interest to baby boomers at rosies boomer review. 


1 thought on “Do You Have a Blog of Interest to or created by a Baby Boomer?

  1. Hi Rosie,

    I hear you are joining us at Baby Boomer Nation, Bev let us know, but I had you bookmarked a few days back thanks to a post by Heidi Caswell to the group, great information!

    I am in NJ too, the northern-most part of the state, and have several blogs, but am about to tackle wordpress for the first time with a new blog I’m starting soon…as soon as I can figure out wordpress, that is 🙂 I think your blog will be a great help!

    God bless & happy weekend to you!

    Claudia 🙂

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