Do You Have an ABOUT Page on Your Blog?

Do you have an about page on your blog? If no, please consider the following reasons to put on after you read this quick post.

1. Folks can read your ABOUT page and connect with you and other blog authors listed.

2. It adds credibility to the material you are writing.

3. It helps to separate your blog from a junk blog.You know those blogs that create links in articles they get from the article directories and post them on their blog. Often those links go to places that offend the author of the article when they find out about in in google alerts.

Note: I just said a mouth full in the last point. Pay particular attention to the fact that this kind of scam does happen on shady blogs that are looking just for adsense dollars. Don’t ever let your blog appear to be a junk blog.

Baby boomers please share information about yourself on an ABOUT page. You may call it something else, thats ok as long as your readers know this is the place to go and find out about this unique blogger.(Talking about YOU!)

Please share other reasons if you have them.

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