Do You Use the Advanced Toolbar in WordPress?

Do you use the advanced toolbar feature in your WordPress blog? Where is it?

Well, just go to the very last thing on your tool bar. Allow your cursor to hover over the feature next to the question mark. You will see that it says “advanced toolbar.”

Click on it now.

Then directly beneath the standard toolbar will be another line of really great features. It allows you to:

  • Format paragraphs, addresses, and up to six headings.
  • Underline your text in the post.
  • Do a full alignment of your text
  • Paste text as plain text into your post.
  • Paste text from Microsoft Word
  • Remove formatting
  • Clean up messy code
  • Insert custom characters
  • Preform an Undo or a Redo on your  entries.

If you want more details just go to the documentation in WordPress and insert advanced toolbar in the search field.

So start playing with it now! ( If you haven’t already)

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