Earth Day- Celebrate by Posting on Your Blogs and Making Comments

Earth day is a day for celebrations. Many bloggers will be making posts today. So, my suggestion is to got to Google the keyword, “Earth Day”. Find blogs posts that you agree with and post a comment.Better yet, go again to Goggle and key in “blog search”. Then you will see the option to search directly just for blogs. Once you click on to blogsearch key in the phrase “earth day” or “earth day celebrations”.

Not only will you help create links back to your sites but it also helps to spread the message around the world!

Also, if you have something to say, please post a comment on your own sites incorporating it into your messages. For example, Artist husband, Ray Horner did an excellent post on how to use recycled old coffee cup containers for creating art.

After several trips to Duncan Donuts and Starbucks he was able to bring all the saved coffee cup carrying containers to his college 3D Design art class. He gave them several assignments and posted some of the resulting artwork on his site created for the class.

What a great celebration of Earth Day. He started early. You can view one of those posts HERE.

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