Ever Create a Password Protected Post on Your Blog?

Password protected posts allow you to create content that is visible to the world if they know the password you gave the post.

So How Do You Password Protect Your Blog Post?

  • You can locate the option to change the VISIBILITY of your blog post within the PUBLISH box on your dashboard
  • Click on theĀ  EDIT option to change the post to Password Protect or Private
  • Choose Password Protect (Private means that only Administrators or Editors on your blog team can see posts)
  • Key in a password
  • Congratulations! You have now created a Password Protected Blog Post.

What Can You Do With a Password Protected Blog Post?

I often use password protected blog posts to host PowerPoint slide shows for trainings. Now I challenge you to allow your imagination to expand. Think about a contest, or something else that your readers can enjoy.

Click Here to see an example of a password protected blog post. Oh, the password is lead

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