Get Boomer Friendly Themes/Templates

It has come to my attention that it is important to have themes or templates that are designed for the older eyes in mind. Not don’t get me wrong I am not one of those folks that say everything is old for boomers. But the reality is that some themes or templates have real small font sizes in the posts.

I really became aware of this when someone in a blogging community was kind enough to let me know they had a hard  time reading my posts in a new blog I just set up called

I must tell you  that if you go there now you will see a theme that I am changing but trying out called “Notes” . It is real hard on the eyes with bright colors and the print is not that great but I just like it. But don’t worry I am changing it.

Now if you are real tech savvy you can go into the theme editor and change the code to reflect the new font size in some themes or templates. However, if you can separate from the allure of the design just consider downloading a new theme.

I went to google to search for a new theme by saying “lime green large font wordpress themes” (I really like lime green this year) Many free wordpress themes came up and I had fun reviewing them. But did not fine one with lime green and large fonts that works for me. So the search continues.

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