Going Beyond Google, MSN and Yahoo!-Part 1

I am going to do a series on other search engines that you can submit your url(website name) to besides Google, MSN and Yahoo. We all know that they reign supreme almost but there is life beyond the major players. So hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride.

I also hope that you visit these sites right after each post to see if your site is indexed. When you visit put in the entire site name starting with www.yoursite.com or net, etc.

A while ago I read about a young new search engine in Hawaii called Mahalo. It is a human driven not machine driven. That means that the entries are reviewed and posted by human beings. They are also looking for more volunteers to assist in posting the entries.

Well I submitted this site and now notice that I get a good number of links back to my site. What you do is search on your topic area and if it is not there they will give you the option to make an ADD for consideration.

You must take the few seconds to sign up with a name and password but it is well worth the effort.


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