Going Beyond Google, MSN and Yahoo-Part 4

Have you you heard of metasearch engines? Here is a definition from my friends at Wikipedia (Actually I don’t know any of the volunteers working on the site-it could be one of you)

A meta-search engine is a search engine that sends user requests to several other search engines and/or databases and aggregates the results into a single list or displays them according to their source. Metasearch engines enable users to enter search criteria once and access several search engines simultaneously. Metasearch engines operate on the premise that the Web is too large for any one search engine to index it all and that more comprehensive search results can be obtained by combining the results from several search engines. This also may save the user from having to use multiple search engines separately.

The next question some of you might have is, “Where and Who are these masked search engines?”(That is a take off from the old western The Lone Ranger, it’s a boomer thing)

Well I am glad you asked. I am sharing 16 of them right here right now. If anyone has others please share them also. The links below work as of today. You assignment, if you decide to accept it, is to do a search on a term in a few of them to see the results. You can also search on one of your blogs.



(I covered this site in more detail in an earlier post)


(This site is recommended by teachers and librarians and is great for research. You can also search for sounds. I looked for bird sounds it was really cool. Just go to t he bottom of the page and click on more reference tools.)












(This is a travel search engine that will search over 200 sites) ***Note: Some Baby boomer bloggers really do travel


Turbo10.com So let me know how well your searches produce exciting results for you.


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