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This entry is part [part not set] of 8 in the series Google Goodies is probably one of the most useful and dynamic part of Google. It is where you see what some of Google’s vision and what they are doing with their money.

Why is this organization’s efforts important to Baby Boomer bloggers?

Well, if you want to tune into cutting edge health trends like global warming and Swine Flu it is helpful to see what Google is attempting to do. Their mission statement says, aspires to use the power of information and technology to address the global challenges of our age.

If you want to see where they spent over 100 million dollars in grants andĀ  investments have been made in projects by Google.orgĀ  visit their Project page.

If you want to know their stand on public information and empowerment visit their Inform page.

If you want to know flu trends around the world visit Google Flu Trends

If you want to know the news articles related to visit their News page

Oh and did I mention that has a blog?

Let me know if you visit and find helpful information to blog about.

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