Google Goodies #3

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Here is a really cool Google Goodie that will save you time. You don’t always thumb through a dictionary to find the definition of a word.

Just go the the Google search box and key in define:(Word you want to a definiton)

For example, go to the search box now and key in


Ok, now try your own words and have fun.

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4 thoughts on “Google Goodies #3

  1. Could come in handy. My daughter was using Google to check her spelling words. She got a few wrong. But i searched for it on Google and it found the words so they must be right. Nope I said, people mispell too and Google pics up those results too.

    The dictionary would have brought her better answers.

  2. No way am I throwing out my dictionary. Just like wiki, it is based on what folks deposit. Whereas, you are right Google just picks up the results.But this is a quick way to get an idea of a definition while online. Thanks, Heidi

  3. Google can do amazing things! I can get pretty lazy when it comes to dragging out the dictionary, and thumbing through it to find a definition or check spelling. So the idea of just typing in a word and getting instantaneous results is perfect for me!

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