Help! I’m Blogging But I Can’t Get My Stats Up

Blogging but having a hard time getting your traffic stats to be over 30 visits a day? What’s the problem?

I know for a fact that using good keywords in your title and your post is really important. I also get good traffic when I am consistent with my posting.But there are other things that can be done. Please, this post is for the experienced blogger out there.

Please share what is working for you.

2 thoughts on “Help! I’m Blogging But I Can’t Get My Stats Up

  1. I find that by visiting other blogs and commenting on them (with a link back to my site) helps. I also agree that being consistent with “key words” helps as well. Another thing I do is send out a eblast to my list of friends letting them know my blog has been updated with a “hot topic” which drives up the number of reads on a given day.

  2. I agree–keywords in the title and first paragraph are so important (although I sometimes forget to use them). Another tip is using a number of key tags. This has really helped me to move my blog up the rankings.

    Thanks for all your great tips–they’re immensely helpful!

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