How Do I Ping?-Pingomatic and Kping Can Help You

Pings is when two internet connections communicate with each other. Yes, we could go deeper but for now that is enough for now.

Some blogging publishing software have the pinging part of the function of the software. That means every time you post some networks are notified. On Typepad you can opt to ping two popular search engines. and weblogs.

Ping-o-matic is a way to ping a bunch of services all at one time. software uses have this automatically, if they want. Ok so someone out there is saying ‘I don’t believe you.” So I went directly to the WordPress documentation and it is stated below.

WordPress makes this easy for you by listing Ping-O-Matic’s server ( by default. All you need to do is sit back and let it work for you!

If you do not want the update services to be pinged, remove all the update service URIs listed under “Update Services” on the Options->Writing admininstration screen of your WordPress installation.

However, If you are on blogger and some of  the other platforms I strongly suggest you check out Ping-o-matic and kping.

Now I really want some of the more experienced  bloggers out there to share warnings, tips and other advice that is needed. Thanks


4 thoughts on “How Do I Ping?-Pingomatic and Kping Can Help You

  1. If you are a member of FeedBurner there is a service for your blogs where they will ping several services for you which works for Blogger as well as other blog hosts. Once you burn a feed at FeedBurner they have several blog aids you can activate such as ping shot or Feed Flare. (I see you’re using Feed Flare at the bottom of your e-mail feed that sent your e-mail to me.)

    Click on your blog in your My Feeds section. Look under the Publicize tab for Ping shot. Check the services you want – you can add 5 additional ones too from a drop down list.

    Hope this tip helps Blogger users.

  2. But if you can get a hold of your server get google sitemaps installed an configured, It also allows you to include extra ping urls.

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