How To Add Your Facebook Fan Page To Your Blog

Facebook makes it real simple to add your Facebook Fan page to your blog. After all your Facebook Fan page gives you an opportunity to showcase your business, niche, causes and other areas of interest. There just might be others that share the same interest or need your service.

I have presented the steps in screen shots below.

1. Sign into your Facebook Page and click on the Wall Tab then click on the fourth link on the left under your logo.

Promote Your Facebook Fan Page 12. Select the Facebook Page you want to promote by clicking on the drop down options. Also, complete the other options.

3. Select WHERE you want your Facebook Page to be promoted. In my case I chose to click on OTHERS and once I did that and a box appears with some code. I will paste that code into a  text widget on my WordPress blog.

fanpage23. If you have a Blogger blog click on the option for Blogger and follow the instructions.Since I have a Blogger blog I Selected a Blog, Gave it a title, and then clicked on the box, ADD WIDGET


4. If you have a Typepad blog just click  on that option, sign in to your blog and follow the steps. I do not have a Typepad blog yet but if anyone wants to show one of their blogs please post to this post with a link to your site.

Here is a link to the Blogger blog with my Facebook Page.

You can view the widget with the Facebook page to the right of this post in the sidebar. (Unless I have changed the theme by the time you read this.)

Hope this post is helpful. Now, please share your links with your new Facebook Page as a comment to this post so the world  can see it! Let’s help promote each other.

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