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I call blog food any nugget or meal that feeds your blog. It is like having frozen dinners in the freezer.

There is a very popular video circulating on You Tube on a new way to peel potatoes. Now, how is this blog food?

  • Video features a TV Star and already has over 1 million views
  • You could post the video on your site and ask folks to make additional comments on your blog
  • All the testing has already been done for you, it works and attracts folks interested in that topic. If you have a readership that likes this topic area then it is blog food.
  • You can also ask folks to read existing comments and make comments on those comments.

A very good baby boomer blogger , Pam Archer sent this video to me. After I watched it I said, “great blog food!”

So keep following this series and also make suggestions on blog food baby boomers can use to f eed their blogs.  Remember if you love shopping at food warehouses you have lots of ideas for your blogging food pantry.

The video is below please also share your views here also by clicking on comments.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Blog Food-Videos

  1. I don’t know whether I’ll try the “new” potato peeling method. It looks as though it may take as much time as regular peeling.

    Then, again, potato skins store many nutrients and also contain a lot of fiber. Leaving the potato skins on also helps preserve the nutrients in the flesh of the potato, which have a tendency to escape during cooking.

    Rita blogging at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide

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