How to Get ONLY 3 Views on Your Blog Posts-11 Easy Suggestions

I love success stories. But I really relish someone honestly talking about all their mess ups before they hit their successful goals. So I am revealing my mess-up skills.

Why are mess-ups skills helpful?

I believe that skills are learned actions that produce results. When we mess-up there are only two choices we have. We can work harder at finding solutions. Or we can just say, “This blogging stuff is not working!” Thus, it takes skill to get a low view on your blog posts. I know. But what I am learning from my mistakes can, hopefully, help you.

Here are 12 ways you can make the same mistakes:

1. Do not spell check your blog posts before you press publish(WordPress).
2. Have a poor attention getting title.
3. Place the post in an inappropriate category
4. Do not edit the post when you realize or someone tells you about an error.
5. Have a poor opening sentence.
6. Use a theme that contains hard to read fonts or overly bright colors.
7. Write long paragraphs with no white space.
8. Do not join blogging communities, directories,etc
9. Do not create a good profile of yourself.
10. Do not tell friends and family to visit your blog.
11. Do not read

Oh, I neglected the biggest mistake. Do not read other people’s blog posts that are getting a lot of views. After all, if you see what is working and study it we can turn our mistakes into magic transformations.

Keep working and sharing great information. I’m looking forward to reading and learning what mess up skills you have developed.


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