I Hate The Word Retirement!

I hate the term, the translation and the tone of the word RETIREMENT. When I hear the word it makes me feel sleepy. I prefer and use the word TRANSITION.
I am convinced that the term retirement slows down the sharing of expertise, experience and excellence in too many people.
Now that is not true for a lot of people I know. Some of them are transitioning to create new businesses, new relationships, new learning, new ways to communicate their messages with mediums like blogging. There is so much to share, seek and salivate about.

Just want to caution us not to see retirement as a STOP sign but a powerful GREEN sign to keep our passions, potential and purposes alive!

What do you think?


1 thought on “I Hate The Word Retirement!

  1. I agree and so did my Grandfather. He always said, “When a man quits working, he dies.” He worked (his own heating/cooling/refrigeration business) till he had a stroke at the age of 73. He passed away a less than 3 weeks later.

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