I Was On Time for The Webinar

Webinars  and Teleseminars have become part of my internet education model. I love them and treat them like a newly released movie. So, imagine my frustration when I was traveling down the highway in busy traffic only minutes left before the start of a great session on internet marketing.

As I pulled into the driveway I had  only 5 minutes left to get downstairs to my office and turn on the computer. But wait,  where did I put the dial in phone number and access code? A quick shuffle through my papers still did not locate my phone numbers. As I begin to get even more frustrated my husband, calmly came over to my desk with a form.

The form was titled Webinars and Teleseminars I Plan To Attend.  He had neatly written the access numbers, name of the session, time and date. How cool is that?

Well that form, along with others, has become part of a series of blogging tools.

Trust me, I know where to find my access numbers now!

I will tell you about more of those forms later.


1 thought on “I Was On Time for The Webinar

  1. I laughed at this post because I certainly can relate to that “last minute” search for the numbers before the show begins! This was a very sweet thing for your husband to do and a very useful tool, too! Thanks for the tip!

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