If You Want Audio, Video and Testimonials on Your Blog Without Techno Fuss…

Hi, just finished an awesome 90 min. teleseminar on podcasting. I will take the basic training next week. All during my trail period with a super program called audio acrobat.

Now the rest of my message is in a quick and short audio clip I did via the phone to check the program out. I know other folks who use it and fine it great. If you are already super tech secure you will not need it. But if you want the option of getting audio and video up without a lot of fuss then consider doing the 30 day trial.

Note also that if you have the podpress plug in with your wordpress blog you have the power to create your own podcast. I have it but learn so much more during this free training. I am looking forward to taking the basic session with them but meanwhile I just decided to pick up the phone and do my own recording.

The only reason I did not do a video was because it was a really bad hair day. 🙂 (I know I could have worn a hat)

So listen to the short clip below and know that it was my first try and unscripted. I will do better when I take the basic training next week. Did I also say that the trainer, David Barrett was a real pro? He was great! If you sign up for the FREE trial period you can hear the recording replay with me in it by going to the support section.


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