Is Blogging Stressful For Boomers?

Is posting to your blog, keeping up with blogging communities, changing themes, checking stats, etc causing stress for you as a boomer?

We would like to know what you think.

1 thought on “Is Blogging Stressful For Boomers?

  1. Am I the only one who feels the stress? I just started blogging this fall and I love sharing my insights on the trip through midlife. But just when I think I’ve hit my stride on blogging, there’s more to figure out. Even so, I now know more about blogging than my IT professional son–at least for the moment.

    I wish I had 12 more hours in my day to blog. Lucky though I’ve found several blogs like this that educate–in a simpler way–blogging boomers like me. Thanks for the tips.

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