Lessons Learned About Transferring Domain Names

We have learned some powerful lessons about  transferring domain names. Last night those lessons resurfaced  to remind me of what should have never been forgotten.

Many of us reserve domain names on different registries. We do it because of many reasons. Some of those reasons usually include getting online real estate and others because we plan to use the domains in the future.

Here are the lessons:

  • If you have someone else that can transfer your domain name from one registry to another-let them!
  • Each registry is different and seem to, at times, play hardball with other registries. I do not understand it all but it is drama I do not want to get involved with. I just want to transfer the domain name and get a site up.
  • ONLY BUY DOMAINS FROM SITES YOU INTEND TO HOST WITH. It can be major drama just to save a few dollars in domain costs. Actually if you believe your time is money than you can waste time talking to hosts to clear up problems. Especially if you are # 99 on the line when you call for help.
  • If you do purchase your domain names from a different place than your host thenGet your HOST first! That way you will have what is called a DNS identifier.The DNS will point to your host until you transfer it. WHY? because transfers can take a while depending on the registry

Just wanted to share those feelings. If anyone else has some expert insights please share them.

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