Let’s Talk About Vlogging


Video blogging  is also known as vblogging and vlogging. It is becoming more and more popular these days. It is just like posting text to a blog but instead you are posting mini videos.

Blog Hosts/Services

Storing videos online takes up a lot of  space. The files are usually large. However, many sites offer free video file hosting. Now, Google provides a search engine just for videos. They also provide a place to store your videos, and video viewer.

In addition check out these other resources:


Our Media


vblog Central


Video Blogging Directories and Communities

You will learn lots if you hang out in places that just talk about one thing like video blogging. You can start by following on Twitter the videoblogging group on yahoo.com and also joining the group.

Take time to visit:





Videoblogging Universe

Promise me that you will post the links to your newly created video sites as a comment to this post. If you already have a vlog please share it.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Vlogging

  1. This is very helpful information, Rosie, as always. I haven’t tried making my own videos, still tend to use others. Don’t have a camera yet to take moving pictures. Any video I have tried to make has been more of a slide show of photos. Happy weekend! Claudia

  2. Rosie, Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on my Juneteenth post. Just this morning I was looking for a video about Father’s Day to put up on Facebook for all my Dad friends. I realize there was a term for video blogging-vlogging, but I have used them often in my posts. Being new to blogging, I have learned a lot from Blogging For Baby Boomers. Thanks for a very informative Blog.

  3. Rosie,

    This is such a fabulous series!!! I’ve been blogging for close to two years now but only doing the basic stuff. I’m learning so much from your great advice and can’t thank you enough for sharing your fabulous ideas!
    The Vlogging thing intrigues me. I’m not the sharpest chip in the computer when it comes to technical things, but you’re getting me inspired. I might just have to go out and start Vlogging like crazy!!

  4. You can start by using a Flip camera. It has it’s own software and uploads directly into your computer. Gives you great options for sharing.

  5. I’m just starting to get into this video blogging. I think it’s a great way to get your message across. I think Boomer Diva Nation is really onto something with the launch of the new site. We will be a trendsetter for our generation.

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