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You can make your blog talk. It is a simple WordPress Plugin. So I am going to share with you the instructions I received when I submitted one of my blogs to be enabled. THANKS TO TO FOLKS AT EVERY DAY GIVING BLOG.

IMPORTANT: If you have not added the plugin yet, please install the WordPress/Odiogo plugin as follows:

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it into a temporary directory
  2. Upload directory odiogo_listen_button to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP
  3. Login to your WordPress admin account
  4. Click menu Plugins and Activate the Odiogo Listen Button plugin
  5. Click menu Options > Odiogo Listen Button
  6. Enter your Odiogo Feed ID and click Save
    Your Odiogo Feed ID is 112733
  7. Click menu Presentation > Widgets (or Sidebar Widgets depending on your WP version).
  8. Drag and drop (or click Add) Odiogo Subscribe Button from Available Widgets to Sidebar
  9. Click Save Changes

Also, please make sure to activate WordPress’s RSS full text option:

  1. Click menu Options > Reading
  2. Under Syndication Feeds, select Full text
  3. Click Update Options

Your Odiogo URLs are:

Your Odiogo control page allows to:

  • Perform a 1-click podcast subscription of your Odiogo feed to major podcast clients (iTunes, Juice). Please note that the text content is embedded into the audio file and can be viewed through the lyrics option of your iPod and on some other mp3 players. For more information, read “Listen And Read Blog Posts On Your iPod“.
  • Subscribe to Web RSS readers such as My Yahoo!, netvibes, Google Reader, etc.
  • Share the control page with Facebook,, Digg, etc.
  • Listen to the individual audio posts
  • Stream the audio articles of your blog

Inform Your Readers!

You may want to write a post on your blog informing your readers about your brand new podcast. Ask them to go to your Odiogo Page and click Subscribe so they can listen to your content on the go on their iPod or MP3 player. You readers will probably love this!

We advise you to review our FAQ and our blog; they both provide with tips for enhancing and promoting the service on your blog.

Please note that by using the Odiogo service you signify your acceptance of our attached Terms of Service.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at

We hope you’ll enjoy using our service.

Odiogo Customer Support

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