My Blogging Boomer Husband Has A Brand New Site

My gifted husband of 30 years (Feb. 18) and co-writer for this blog has a brand new site called Camera Boomer

On a recent post he shows me on a really bad hair day with pensive thought lines in my forehead. Now you can really see that I am a boomer but I have a youthful mind.

We are in a historic church in Elizabeth, NJ. He had some of his artwork there in a show. He had just taken a photo of me outside looking at the writing on a tombstone and saying “There is not enough space to write a full summary of a person’s life.” Any one who knows me knows that I felt a keynote coming on…

This is a picture I took of him while walking the park early one morning. He is facing a lake. Of course the picture he is taking probably came out better than the one I took but you get the picture. (Smile).

Ray with camera

I am posting this announcement in this site as an illustration for new boomer bloggers. Observe the following:

1. I included a picture in my post by using the upload feature in After I resized the picture I uploaded it and clicked the option for thumbnail. I did that because I did not want the entire post to contain the picture.

2. I wrote the name of the blog in the post and clicked on the link in the visual editor to create a hyperlink to the blog. This will provide a link from my site to his site.

3. I mentioned the last post to his blog. What you cannot see is the fact that I clicked on the trackback option which is after the upload feature. When you click on the (+) it will become (- )then I placed the exact page location from his blog that has his post in the blank space provided. He will be notified via a comment that his blog was mentioned in my blog.

4. I encouraged all of you to visit his blog. Hopefully, you become part of his traffic and keep going to see the awe inspiring pictures and glean from the information he provides. The added benefit is the emotional relaxation you will get with each visit.

5. I shared more about the “old school” team so you know that we are real and not just machines trying to get your traffic.

So I hope this post was helpful and I also hope you visit the new site.

Thanks for listening.


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