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Courtesy of The US Mint Store

Courtesy of The US Mint Store

Baby Boomers appreciate good learning just like a coin collector appreciates great coins. With that in mind I wanted to tell you that I just signed up for an upcoming session on making money with your blogging. Now the Instructor, The WordPress Wizard, Cathy Perkins, is simply excellent. But I cannot believe she is sharing  a session like this for only $25.00.

If you notice  I have a picture of a coin collection from the US mint. Why? Because just like coins you purchase can go up in value the training you get from Cathy is worthy of a collection.

But just because the price is low does not mean the value will not be high! You  will get great value and information. I know and have experienced her training.

But, trust me, you will learn a lot. So, go and sign up for this Thursday session on making money with your blog and we can learn together.

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