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My dear hubby set me up on Netvibes. Ok, allow me to stop right now and tell you that this is a wonderful tool for organizing your EVERYTHING (except passwords) online via RSS feeds. That means you can work your Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc all from one interface. Thanks Ray Horner!
But that made me go deep into the archives of this site and start pulling out posts on RSS.

Now please know that I already knew about Netvibes but had not taken the time to reduce my time by setting it up. Has that ever happened to you?

So allow me to go down memory lane and share with you an interview with one of the most dynamic Blogging Divas I know, Cathy Perkins.

3 comments to RSS Review

  • Wow, Rosie, you and your hubby are so technically astute, I am in awe of your abilities! I always learn a lot when I come to this site. Netvibes is a bit beyond me at this point but I know, someday, as you share more, I’ll get there.

    Thanks for your great information and encouragement to your fellow boomer bloggers.

  • Rosie,

    Your class on blogging was awesome! It was amazing how much I learned. Thanks to your easy-to-follow instructions handout, your friendliness and your expert help, the day after the class I had my blog (www.QuotesToMotivate.com) up and fully running.

    I will be recommending your sessions to friends and colleagues. And I look forward to attending others so I can develop the expertise that you have and are so willing to share with others. You Rock!

    Donna Satchell

  • […] Also, check out older posts on this site on RSS. Here is a vintage post on RSS. […]

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