Secret HTML Trick

I have a secret html trick that will blow your mind. Ray taught me how to create the html that you can post in your widget or anywhere without know the html. Just tonight I posted into my Squidoo lens text module without any fuss or muss. NOTE: you pop in any links you want in the description box.

All you have to do is go into the write section of your blog. Write exactly what you want to create a link for and highlight it. Then you click on the link button on your tool bar and create the link. Go to the CODE view and copy the link. Start from the bracket to the end of the bracket. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SAVE THE POST.

Paste that entire code where you want it! Now for all my visual friends , like myself, I am going to create a short video. So come back tomorrow. ok?

What I am saying is you can create a link without knowing the html but it is really nice to learn some. That is why I am taking the course this week with Toolie! Read about it in an earlier post.

4 thoughts on “Secret HTML Trick

  1. Rosie – for those who might not know, most online editors have a link button and it’s icon is universal! The icon looks like 2 links in a chain! Or for those of you who remember Dr. Kildare (Man, Woman, Birth, Death INFINITY) it looks a little like the symbol for infinity which is an 8 on it’s side!

  2. Now, I am actually learning some Html and css, it is starting to make sense. You look at it long enough and you almost become like Monk!

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