Series: Baby Boomers and Social Bookmarking Can You Digg it?

  • Baby Boomers and Social Bookmarking Can You Digg it or Do You Stumble? PT.1

    A few boomer years ago, when I was computer thinner, I started signing up for social book marketing sites.  Oh, I did a few Diggs and Stumbled on a few things but did not REALLY understand what I was doing.  I DROPPED THE BALL.Now, I want to not only learn more but share with you […]

  • Social Bookmarking and Baby Boomers-Different Strokes for Different Folks Pt.2

    Just as no two baby boomers are the same no two social bookmarking sites are same. They all have their own culture. Now, why is that important? Because you may be blogging about about technical material and someone else may blog more about politics. Well, you want to know which social bookmarketing site might be […]

  • Social Bookmarking For Baby Boomers-Digging Deeper into Digg Pt. 5

    I shared two applications in Part 4 that will help you get really deep into Digg. But oh, boomer me I made two drastic mistakes. The first mistake is that I repeated misspellings of the word social bookmarking I keep saying socia bookmarketing. So if you see some of the misspellings in older posts please […]

  • Social Bookmarking for Baby Boomers-What is BibSonomy?

    Now itistime to look at a social bookmarking site called BibSonomy. According to their site description: BibSonomy is a system for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature. When discovering a bookmark or a publication on the web, you can store it on our server. You can add tags to your post to retrieve it more […]

  • Social Bookmarking and Baby Boomers- Browsmi Pt.3

    There are many major social bookmarketing sites. And there are many “You never heard of them before” social bookmarketing sites. I am going to explore the good, bad and ugly. I joined a site today called Browsmi. Now, I observed that most of the users do not post their pictures. So, unless you see their […]

  • 10 Top Reasons Why Baby Boomers Bloggers SHOULD NOT Use Social Bookmarking

    I have discovered 10 Top Reasons Why Baby Boomers SHOULD NOT even think about using Social Bookmarking. You may disagree with me and that is your blogging boomer right but let me know why. So, here are my reasons: Blogging Baby Boomers have a hard enough time blogging and posting in social networking sites like […]

  • Social Bookmarking for Baby Boomers-Digging Deeper with Digg Pt.4

    When I first started using Digg I would merely sign in to be able to Digg an article I liked. But like most baby boomers reading this post, Sometimes you want to go deeper so it makes sense. You also go deeper so you can see how relevant it is to your blogging. Here is […]

  • Social Bookmarking and Baby Boomers-Blog Comment Before Bookmarking

    I urge you to use social bookmarking as part of your blogging strategy. However, when you are about to make a comment on a blog, do that first. Comments and bookmarking command separate attention and time. Follow this little scenario for a few moments. I just went to the blog of someone who posted a […]

  • How to Add Custom Characters to Your Blog Post

    Have you ever wanted to add a custom character to your blog post. You know one of those funny looking symbols that you just cannot find on your keyboard? Well there is a button on the tool bar that will make it real easy. Let’s assume you want to create a copyright symbol.  This is […]

  • Baby Boomers and Ebay Collectors and Sellers

    Did you know that a Teddy Rooselvelt Marble sold on Ebay for $4,500? I just saw a great blog established by Ebay for collectors and buyers of collections. It is called Ebay Collectors. The blog shares collector items that have sold as well as tips for purchasing an item to add to your collection. I […]