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Social Bookmarking For Baby Boomers-Digging Deeper into Digg Pt. 5

This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series Baby Boomers and Social Bookmarking Can You Digg it?

I shared two applications in Part 4 that will help you get really deep into Digg. But oh, boomer me I made two drastic mistakes. The first mistake is that I repeated misspellings of the word social bookmarking I keep saying socia bookmarketing. So if you see some of the misspellings in older posts please forgive me.

The second mistake is assuming everyone knew how to sign into Digg before sharing the applications that pump it up. So I am including a video that just covers the basics. Now, what I really like about Digg is the ability to submit an article, image and video link directly to Digg for others to Digg. Now, you can get some great traffic. But just like blogging and everything else, please Digg other stuff and not just your stuff. A better example is Twitter. If you just tweet and never retweet that just isn’t good boomer community sharing.

Well, take a few minutes and look at this video. My goal is for all of us to do more Digging of our own stuff for increased traffic and each other’s stuff. What do you think?

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