A Little Bit More About Mylot.com

I joined My lot today based on the advice of Hye, who I discussed in my last post. I am impressed with the fact that you can enter any number of blogs that you have. You must include the RSS feed and put a link on your site so their spiders know t hat you own the site. You have the choice of deleting it later.

Go to the TAB that says BLOGS and add your blog to the site. Now look very carefully on the page and you will see the Add Your Blog link.

Even if I do not make money via posting I am hoping for more link traffic. So time will tell. I share this with you in case you want to explore it also. So far I did glean a lot from the discussions on making money under blogging basics.
myLot User Profile

PS I find that there are a lot of good blog post on the site as well as some trivia but such is life. Hopefully, you will bring the good stuff.


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