7 Things to do Before You MOVE Your Website to Your New Blog Home-Part 4

This entry is part [part not set] of 6 in the series 7 Things to do Before You Move to Blog Home

By now you have create a floor layout of your blog with the FREE BLOG Planning Form. You choose a host, have painted the walls by choosing a theme,  and you hung up a sign letting folks know that an exciting thing is going to happen in this new home.

Now it is time to call a security company to activate an alarm system. Why? Because your site is alive on the internet although you have not moved your furniture into it. You will have folks trying to break in with something call SPAM.

Activate Your Askismet Before You Move Into Your Blog Home

Akismet to the Rescue for WordPress Blogs

Akismet is a FREE plugin that fights spam on your blog. It comes standard with all WordPress blogs. I found out that there is also a commercial key you can purchase. Rather than explain all the levels here is a link to their site.(Note that this is not an affiliate.)

Here is a pretty clear video on how to activate your plugin. I was going to create one but I must admit it was faster going to YouTube.

Now time to work on the next part to this series. Did I leave anything out? Can anyone share what plugins fight spam on Typepad or other hosted blogging platforms?

How I Got 30 Comments In 10 Minutes

I got 30 comments in only 10 minutes. How? It was real simple and you can do it too-BUT I HOPE YOU DON’T.!

After my husband and I upgraded 9 of our sites to Version 2.7 we forgot, in the heat of upgrade passion, to ACTIVATE one of our plugins. Namely, Akismet. You know the one behind the scenes catching all that funky spam.

So when I got all those comment notifications in my email, of course I was delighted. But all of them were spam. Boo hoo. So, after a bulk deletion, all the spam was gone. And I made sure that I activated that wonderful Akismet plug in.

So don’t you make the same mistake.