Is There a DYFS for Neglected Blogs? Say Hello to HTBB

Is there a DYFS organization for neglected blogs? DYFS stands for Division of Youth and Family Services.  The provide intervention for children that are neglected plus more.

So, my idea is to create a group that will help neglected blogs.  So, the name I came up with so far is HTBB. Which means, Help This Blogging Boomer.

Now, I am going to be completely honest with you.  Someone should call HTBB on me right now. I mean if my neighbors knew they could call this group for intervention because I have neglected some of my blogs.

The question is should HTTB put them under someone elses care for a while? Should I get help to maintain, sustain and entertain them?  Frankly, I know I am not alone so I am on a mission.

Since I am the founder of HTTB I am seeking volunteers to help me help other baby boomer bloggers. How?

First we will start with ourselves.

Task #1

Look at all your blogs and note the last time you created a post.  Be bold and post the answer, with the name of the blogs, as a comment. Ok, here is transparency, I promise to tell you, as part of my own therapy, before the end of the week.

Are you up for the challenge?