Help My Arm Hurts From Blogging?

My arm is hurting but is it from blogging? Actually, because I should have frequent flyer miles from physical therapy I suspect the pain is from, once again, poor egonomics. Yes, I have been blogging, ebaying, working for the job, research,etc from the work station called the TV tray and laptop. A place without arm or back support that is only supposed to be used for quick email checks, etc.

I KNOW BETTER.  I have a really nice set up in the basement, but alas, I admit I cannot watch an old movie while working. Oh, and did I mention cooking without burning something or eating dinner near the computer? You see, we have a no eating in the basement rule so my little snacking is reserved while I am upstairs.

Why do I share all of this with you? Because :

  • It is a reminder and chastisment for me
  • I don’t want you to fall into the trap of ignoring the correct ergonomics of blogging.
  • I want to hear some of you solutions, good habits and positive reinforcements.

You know, I am a health educator by training and still function in that capacity. For me to go through these issues is like being in a car accident without my seatbelt. When you know what to do but do not do it that is not a good thing. Are there things you know to do but not doing as it relates to keeping healthy while online?

Ok, going to bed early tonight, that is another thing I must go back to doing.