5 Ways Blogging Can Be Like Peeling Potatoes

Blogging like peeling potatoes by blogging boomer, Rosie Horner

Blogging can be like peeling potatoes

Tonight while preparing for tommorrow’s dinner I discovered five (5) ways blogging can be like peeling potatoes.

  1. You seldom look forward to peeling potatoes. But you have a vision for the results.With blogging there are times that you really don’t feel like doing it. But you know that when you make that post the hoped for results can really happen!

  2. You wash and scrub the potatoes. Then make sure your knife or peeler is sharp. With blogging you start with fresh content and a sharp mind.

  3. Slowly peel using your own style. With blogging you want to blog with your own style that will get the job done.

  4. Avoid cutting too much of the potato with the peel. With blogging you want to cut away all the stuff your readers may not want to hear. Note: If you are doing a rant you might leave the skin on and just slice and dice.

  5. Get rid of the peels or find other uses. (For example, does anyone live on a farm?) With blogging you get rid of the content you did not use or find other places to use it.

Sure we could also look at  cooking, and recipes that include the potatoes. Then there is the presentation, eating and digestiong of the potatoes. And did I hear anyone say leftovers? Well  it is the same way with blogging. There are so many simple yet complex dimensions of blogging. That’s what keeps us serving and eating our blogs

But I am sure you can come up with many other aspects of blogging as it relates to the simplicity of peeling potatoes. Thanks for listening.