We’ve Come a Long Way Baby Boomers-Social Media Has Replaced the Water Cooler?


Has social media replaced the water cooler? Some of you remember the live chats during the breaks in your work day? Many of us are working alone at our computers. When we have to ask questions we will check with an online friend or group. For example, I do Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and working on more. There are groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and others that offer support from others.  For example I have a piece of “possible Jade sculpture” that I picked up at a yard sale I posted a picture of it in one of my groups for feedback before I listed it.

Moments before I created this post I saw a posting on Facebook from an online friend, who I have never met in person, has had quite an influence on my blogging over the years. Her name is Beverly Mahone.  She is a baby boomer who has helped to unite other baby boomer women online. Recently she shared her new book with her online friends and even had a free download.

Now, you have to know that Beverly will not just promote her book but because she shares her skills she will provide information on HOW she promoted it because she is also a extraordinary journalist. She has created online communities for other women to share their expertise.

When I took a break from working this morning I saw an answer from another online couple to a question I had about Pinterest. This generous couple, Wesley N Laurlee saw one of my “pins” to an Ebay listing on Facebook and instant messaged me with some tips.

Now there are many other baby boomers that are “struttin” their stuff online. They are not just doing mindless gossip but sharing tips, expertise, help with caregiving plus more. We have come a long way baby boomers from that water cooler.

What are you doing online that you used to do around the water cooler?

Blogging Betty Boomer Comments on 30 Day Blog Challenge

Blogging Betty Boomer shares her insights on the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I know my name appears as the one who participated but since we are like sisters she was there too. As you know, she is my blogging persona on my boomer sites.No, I’m not on medicine. Ha!

One of the super benefits of the challenge was all the wonderful people I met and the information I learned. It could have been an course for credit at a University. Also, it provided even more blogging discipline. I made some serious decisions. One of those decisions was to start using the very forms I created to manage my blogging. I have gotten lax. The blog management system I developed can help organize your blogging. That means you will be even more  productive and SAVE TIME!

I even see where some other forms need to be developed. So, that is on the agenda also. I am doing a 4th of July Special just until July 6, 2010. The forms will only be $1.00 if you  use the discount code #blog30. You can see the ad in the sidebar.

Now, you are probably thinking, “Total waste of time” or “Too much work”. But try it and see if you like it.

Meanwhile, Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Blogging Betty Announces New Way To Get Blogging Ideas-

As many of you know, Blogging Betty Boomer often stops by to post on this site. She is officially the other Administrator for Blogging for Boomers. She may appear as an audio, video or text post.

Well, I told her about the Blog Challenge I was in for the next 30 Days and she decided to come up with a fun filled way to share some blogging tips.  She is using a Hula Hoop!

Well, if you read the last two posts you know that I have transferred my static website to a blogging platform. The site is Rosie Horner. However, although I am sharing it with you now it realllllllllly is not fully ready for Prime Time. So, I will share with you some things that I have done and will be doing to complete it.

So, stay tuned, and come along with us on this adventure. Meanwhile, enjoy Blogging Betty’s Hula Tips. Why knows by the time this challenge is over she might loose an inch.

PS She wants to give special thanks to Kevin Thompson for the idea and hubby Ray Horner Jr. for the flip filming in the midst of a very busy day.

More Blogging Tips From Blogging Betty Boomer-Part 2

This entry is part [part not set] of 2 in the series Blogging Tips From Blogging Betty Boomer

It has been a while but here is an audio note from Blogging Betty Boomer. Now audio notes are really cool. Once you click on this link a web page will open and her voice, recorded in the wee hours of boomer time, will be blasting. She does not sing or dance in this one, sorry.

Enjoy this audio note with tips from Blogging Betty Boomer.

Search For Images With Pictures Instead of Words?-Google Labs

Have  you ever thought about searching for images using pictures instead of words? Well, we have landed on a planet called Google Similar Images during our exploration of Google Labs.

What this program will do is allow the opportunity to key in a search item and  then click on the Silmilar Image link under an image to find other images that look like it.  When you go to the top of the page there are drop down menus that allow you to search in different image sizes.

Under the Google logo are three drop down menu options on the Images toolbar. You can show:

All Image Sizes or

Extra large Images

Large images

Medium images

Small images


Any Content or

News Content



Clip Art

Line Drawings

Photo Content



12 Color options are available

What I tried

I searched on several items using all the options. One search was on artist, hubby, Ray Horner  both with the jr. in is name and without.  (Yes, there was a difference) After playing with all the image options I went back and clicked on the link under one of the search results.

Now this was a cartoon he did about Blogging Betty Boomer at the water cooler. Clicking on the link showed other cartoons. Many involved water color activity. Very interesting.

So, give this planet a try and see what your search shows. Would love to hear about about it.