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7 Things to do Before You MOVE Your Website to Your New Blog Home-Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series 7 Things to do Before You Move to Blog Home

Review the plan you have made for your site. Hopefully, you laid out the plan with the items included in the Free Blog Planning Form.Remember you cannot move your furniture(your static site) into your new home until this step is done. The review will include include the different categories, sections, pages, and overall layout that […]

Blogging Betty Announces New Way To Get Blogging Ideas-

As many of you know, Blogging Betty Boomer often stops by to post on this site. She is officially the other Administrator for Blogging for Boomers. She may appear as an audio, video or text post.

Well, I told her about the Blog Challenge I was in for the next 30 Days and she decided […]

Why And How I Moved My Static Website to a Dynamic Blogging Home Part 1

Yes, I finally moved my static website to a dynamic blogging home. And quoting my wonderful webmaster, “This is a good move. Now it will be easier for you to update your site.”

Static Home To Blog Home Address

Now, it is important to note that I did not make the move until […]

Ever Create a Password Protected Post on Your Blog?

Password protected posts allow you to create content that is visible to the world if they know the password you gave the post. So How Do You Password Protect Your Blog Post? You can locate the option to change the VISIBILITY of your blog post within the PUBLISH box on your dashboard Click on the […]

What is Vishing?

I came across an excellent post warning about the practice of “vishing”. It is a serious scam. As bloggers we can get almost too comfortable online. We may think we have a lot of awareness and never ever get caught in a scam. That is not true.

Yet, if you are a non-baby boomer blogger […]

Help, I’ve Forgotten My WordPress Blog Password and Can’t Get Up!

Have you fallen down from blogging because you lost or forgot your password? Well this is a quick tutorial to get you back on your blogging feet!. 1. Go to the dashboard of your blog. Now there are several ways to do this and I did a short video for those of you who need […]

Have You Ever Asked a Question on Aardvark?

First what is an aardvark anyway? Here is a quick dictionary definition:

aard·vark (ärd‘-värk´), n. A burrowing mammal, Orycteropus afer, of southern Africa, having a stocky, hairy body, large ears, a long tubular snout, and powerful digging claws. [Obsolete Afrikaans, “earth-pig” : aarde, earth, from Dutch, from Middle Dutch aerde + vark, pig, from Middle […]

Will Using HTML Emails Help or Hurt My Business? Free Webinar Has Answers!

A very good friend of mine , Toolie,is doing a FREE webinar on Thursday night. the title is “ Will Using HTML Emails Help or Hurt My Business? Free Webinar Has Answers!

This is what she says:

HTML Emails (e-zines, newsletters, email broadcasts) can be a great way to showcase your business, especially for markets […]

Protected: Blogging Blues?-Put the THRILL Back into Your Blogging!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

How Do You Delete Your WordPress.com Blog?

A very good boomer buddy asked me this question today, “Rosie, how do I delete my WordPress.com blog.?” Actually, she stumbled on this site she started a very long time ago and had forgotten all about it. Of course, my desire is for her to try and develop it with the idea behind why she […]