Blogging Betty Announces New Way To Get Blogging Ideas-

As many of you know, Blogging Betty Boomer often stops by to post on this site. She is officially the other Administrator for Blogging for Boomers. She may appear as an audio, video or text post.

Well, I told her about the Blog Challenge I was in for the next 30 Days and she decided to come up with a fun filled way to share some blogging tips.  She is using a Hula Hoop!

Well, if you read the last two posts you know that I have transferred my static website to a blogging platform. The site is Rosie Horner. However, although I am sharing it with you now it realllllllllly is not fully ready for Prime Time. So, I will share with you some things that I have done and will be doing to complete it.

So, stay tuned, and come along with us on this adventure. Meanwhile, enjoy Blogging Betty’s Hula Tips. Why knows by the time this challenge is over she might loose an inch.

PS She wants to give special thanks to Kevin Thompson for the idea and hubby Ray Horner Jr. for the flip filming in the midst of a very busy day.