Domain Name Ideas Can Be Stolen

Ray and I had just returned from our morning walk. We had a great product idea and wanted to search to see if the domain name we discussed was available for purchase. The blood was circulating to our brains from our robust walk and we were excited about the catchy domain name. We went to our office downstairs and promptly keyed in the domain name idea into our Internet browser.

The search showed that no domain name existed. So we went to a registrar to lock in the name. We were ready with credit card in hand.

We could not believe that the domain name was available as a .com. WOW!

But then we had second thoughts. “Why not wait until we had breakfast and discuss it further.

It didn’t take long to eat our oatmeal. As we further discussed the product idea we started mapping out an operational plan. Ah, yes, one of the tasks was to get the domain name that would brand the product.

We ran back downstairs, careful not to fall, as we hustled to our computer. We decided to register the name. We were stunned and stared at the computer screen at the message glaring in front of our eyes. “UNAVAILABLE” The domain name was purchased soon after we searched for it in our browser address line.

Was it magic? We looked around the office to see if there were hidden listening devices. How did they know? What was happening.

THE DOMAIN NAME WAS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. But how could that be we wondered. Later we found out that searching for a domain name in the Internet browser is a NO NO!

So tonight we wanted to share this tid bit with you. Search for the availability of a domain name in a well known registrar like
and places like domaintools Stay away from searches in your Internet browser or search engine search boxes.

Has this ever happened to you?

Ray and Rosie